Word For 2016

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Prophetic Word For 2016

Each year prophets around the world present what they see as God's plan for the year ahead. And in most cases, if you read them, you will see presented largely the desires and calling of the prophet who gave the Word.

It is difficult to present a true prophetic word that applies to the Body of Christ Universal. 

For this reason I have avoided presenting such a word for some time, lest I end up trying to promote my own agenda or burden. 

It was NOT my intention this year to present a word for the Body Universal, or in fact, any word at all. But as I waited on the Lord and asked Him concerning His plans for us in the year ahead, He surprised me by telling me that I was to present a word once again to the Body of Christ Universal.

We certainly have been prepared during the past year for what the Lord showed is about to take place. I thought I had taught all the foundational principles for training of the Fivefold Ministry and should now be getting on with building the new church. 

But the Lord took us on an unexpected journey during 2015, and we ended up producing a whole batch of new teachings at the higher level for the Fivefold Ministry and for those called to Business. 

This included many new teachings for the Apostles, as well was some brand new materials for the Teacher, Evangelist and Pastor as well as the Prophet. And the year saw us training our first batch of Apostolic students in our live schools.

The first quarter of this year will see us graduating our first Apostolic Students, and the presenting of many new teachings to all of the Fivefold Ministry, as well as those called to business. 

So what the Lord said is about to happen, is something that we are fully geared to handle and we are ready to take our part in raising up the new breed of Apostolic leaders that He showed is about to rise. 

Here then is the Word that He gave me for the Body of Christ in 2016 and into the future.

A Time For Change

Behold much change has come into the earth says the Lord, and many circumstances now exist which did not exist before.

Yet many of My people continue to do as they have done in the past. They continue in the old ways that they learned from their fathers and past generations. 

But it is time for My Church to also change now, in order to become more effective in the world of today. And to reach this generation with My Word it requires many different approaches to what has been done in the past. 

There are two errors that My people fall into when doing this says the Lord. On the one hand there are those who prefer to continue doing the things they know, and which worked in the past. 

These are soon left behind and considered old fashioned by the younger generation. And though they have much zeal, they are not bringing the change that is needed.

The second group are looking to the trends of the world and trying to keep up with the fashions of this world. They are trying to incorporate the way of the world in the Church in order to become relevant in today’s society.

But in the process they are being sucked up into the world system, and are failing to see the kind of church that I desire to build in the current world. 

New Leadership Is Needed

In order for My church to rise up and become the influence it is meant to be in this world, I need to raise up new leaders who know what My will is in the earth.

They must consist of both those with past experience, and those who have new revelation knowledge. They must be trained afresh to take leadership in the New Church that I am building in the current age says the Lord.

Therefore it is time for Me to raise up a new breed of apostles who will both establish and lead My church into the new thing that I desire to do.

It is not enough that the Church return to its former glory as it was in the days of the early apostles. For the apostles of that time successfully presented the pattern that was needed.

But a new pattern is needed says the Lord, for I am building a new church in a new age, and the new must always exceed the old.

So do not look back to the past for a model of what My church should look like. For I have something far greater in mind.

The latter rain is always greater than the former rain. The latter house must alway be more magnificent than the former house. And the latter Church must of necessity far exceed anything that existed in the early Church. 

A New Breed of Leaders

Do not look to the early apostles for a model of what today’s apostles will look like. For they fulfilled their purpose for their season. But now it is a new season, and I am about to raise up new apostles for such a time as this.

These will be both men and women who are committed to Me and ready to give their all for Me. They will not be found amongst the current leaders of the Church, but I have hidden them away and kept them in obscurity until the time is right. 

Therefore it is time now for these hidden leaders to become manifest says the Lord. Many have already been trained behind the scenes and are ready to rise up and become visible to the world.

Others still need to be trained in new ways, not following the old principles and traditions of man. Not following the ways of their forefathers and leaders who have gone on before.

The Old Is Dying

Just as I did many years ago with the people of Israel in the wilderness, there has been a time of wandering in the wilderness until the older generation has died off and been removed.

Therefore the Church has been in a time of suspension, as the leaders and heroes of the past have gradually reached their final time on this earth and ended their journeys. 

And indeed there are yet more who are to end their time of influence in the Church to make way for the new leaders that I am raising up says the Lord.

And as the old dies and is laid to rest, the way is prepared for the manifestation of My new apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists.

New Trainers

The year that lies ahead will see a greater transition taking place as the old bows to the new. For I have been preparing in secret, those whom I have chosen to rise up and train my new leaders. 

There are those to whom I have given the mystery of the final church, who have been geared to raise up this new breed of apostolic leaders. And it is time now for Me to bring out those whom I have set apart for this purpose. 

These are a new breed of Teachers who are called to do far more than simply present principles. They have been anointed to bring change, and to mould and finish those who have a calling on their lives. 

Therefore expect the year that lies ahead to see the gradual unfolding of both My new pattern for the Church, and the raising up of the leaders that I have set apart to lead this New Church. 

And as these leaders are trained in the new ways, they will begin rise up and build the New Church. And it will be a Church built on a solid foundation, that cannot be shaken by the storms that the enemy will bring. 

Overcoming The World System

For the enemy has anticipated this and has begun to stir up evil in the world system in an unprecedented way. And the Church of today faces circumstances that previous generations have never known. 

Therefore the Church must rise up stronger than ever before, in order to overcome this new move of the enemy. For when the enemy comes in like a flood, I have promised to come in and set him to flight says the Lord.

Everything that I do in the earth is done through my Body, The Church. So it is time My Church rises up and overcomes the flood of evil that the enemy has been spewing out of his mouth. 

But a lack of the right leaders has instead left the church in fear, cowering to the world system, and waiting for Me to do something.

Many are simply waiting for Me to come and solve their problems; to catch them away and take them from it. And the only hope that is offered by many current leaders, is the hope that I will return soon to end it all.

But I am not coming for a struggling, weak, failing Church says the Lord. I am coming for a glorious, victorious church. And in order for My church to come to this status, it is essential that I bring a change to the leaders first. 

Expectations For The Year Ahead

Know that I am still in control says the Lord, and I have not left you without hope. But it is not yet time for Me to return and end it all. There is much yet that must be accomplished by My Body, the Church. 

Therefore expect the following to become more manifest in the year that lies ahead says the Lord. And this will continue into the future. 

  1. The ending of the ministries of many of reputation who have faithfully led the Church according to the old pattern. For they must make way for the new leaders that I am raising up. 
  2. The manifestation of those whom I have trained in secret and hidden away until now. For though they have been there, they have not been permitted to become visible yet. 
  3. A new surge of candidates for Apostolic Training, as many new leaders are called to the Apostolic Ministry. These will be from amongst both the younger generation and the older generation.  
  4. The manifestation of my Joshua’s and Caleb’s who have waited in the wings for their time to come. Many of these will be advanced in years, but totally modern in their ideas and fully up to date on My new pattern. 
  5. The manifestation of Apostolic Parents who are ready to both train and oversee the setting in place of my new leaders. These will be more than spiritual parents, but they will literally birth ministries into those who come for training.  
  6. A greater manifestation of both the Spirit and The Word, as I raise up a new breed of fivefold leaders who know their speciality. There will be those who know how to move in My power, and those who know how to move in My Word. 
  7. A manifestation of Prophetic Ministry in every group, independent of denomination, as the new Prophetic Movement gains momentum and touches every believer.  
  8. The setting in place of true Prophets in Office who will both birth this new move, and protect it from their place on the prayer walls that will be set up. For these also have been trained in secret and will take their place in the new church. 
  9. The rising of Apostolic Entrepreneurs, who will lead the Church into a place of prosperity and favor in the World, as Joseph of old. These will be trained and placed into a new office that did not exist before.

It is indeed time for Me to reveal my arm says the Lord. And when I arise in my Church, the enemies of this world will be scattered. 

For I am coming to reign in My people in a way that I have never done before. And I am building a Body that will stand firm in this world and represent Me fully in authority, power and fruitfulness. 

Therefore hear the Word of the Lord, and make yourself ready says the Lord. For the time is at hand and will wait no longer. 

And those who are ready and willing will become partakers of this new thing that I will do in the earth. And those who are ready to pay the price will be given the opportunity to take their place as My leaders in the New Church. 

For this is the year of the Apostle and the beginnings of the New Church. And those who are not ready or willing are not going to enter into all that I have for them. 

Make your heart ready, and get set for change. For I am about to do amazing things in My people says the Lord. 


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Responses Posted For This Page

Response from Peter :

Thank you man of God for the word

Response from kolade Agboke :

This indeed is the word of the Lord!
Much feel good milky chaff is usually released out of mouths of'Prophets' around this time of year. Therefore it is a great relief when a true Prophet rises up and releases the wheat!

Thank you!

Response from Flowergirl :

This is confirmation of what God is been saying in our church. Correct calibre of leaders need to be raised. We thank God!

Response from Edward :

Good news Im humbled to now
,lm among those leaders
God is faithfull to Him be the glory

Response from Ismail :

I am ready and willing Lord

Response from Jake :

I have been waiting for such a word as this to come forth .

The Lord has been speaking to me about bringing a new thing.

And yes all the old stuff doesnt work anymore ,we need to hear from Him on a continual basis.

I pray that these words will not go void or fall to the ground but bring much fruit in the body of christ.

That these words will set ablaze continually,do its work ,what it's supposed to do.Amen.

Response from Dawn :

Great confirmation of God's Word-His church is under new management (Moses has been laid to rest) no longer going around and around in the wilderness it's time for the Joshua and Caleb mandate-taking and living in the Promise Land.
God is going to blow a lot of people's minds just like Jesus when he first came on the scene and the people of that day had their preconceived ideas and missed their moment. Please don't miss this one-Ours!

Response from Heidi G. :

Thank you for posting this word. It affected me deeply and feels like many things were confirmed.

Response from Moagi :

Im willing Lord for such a robust change.

Response from Patrocia Abel :

A friend of mine just gave me a book the Lord led her to. It is called "In Search of Excellence". I have held that word close to me for nearly 20 years. It would appear it is to come into fruition now. It is a book studying what makes the successful businesses successful. I was told to read it, that it would give me inspiration. Maybe others would be interested in that book. If it fits their calling for the new church. Shalom, Patricia

Reply From Les Crause:

This is a popular book, but it is written based on research on different worldly businesses, not on the Scriptures or God's way of doing things. Have you considered some of my books on doing business God's way, like The God Kind of Business? You can find them all either in our bookshop at http://www.gbm-bookshop.com or on Amazon.com.

Response from Nicole :

Awesome word! God have your way!

Response from Lenora :

But God! Here I Am Yeshua

Response from PATRICIA :


Response from Kelil :

Praise the Lord! Those who have ears, let them hear what the Spirit says unto the Churches globally (Rev. 3:6). It is awesome prophetic word! Let us allow ourselves to get ready for the inevitable change, not just ahead of us, but, has already begun.

Response from Mr Thabo George Kapoko :

Amen so shall it be we shall do as the lord has said, its been long overdue we have cried,patiently waited and hoped for such a time and we are truly blessed to have fathers like you whom the lord has sent forth ahead for us to prepare the way and to lay the foundation for the new move,we bless the lord for your obedience and faithfulness to his call and we continue to pray for you and we love you Dad so much and we miss you.

Response from Sophie :

From Zambia: Awesome Word. I am deeply affected too. I have followed Apostle Crause's teachings close to 10 years now and I thank God for such a father. Thank you for going ahead of us and for continually showing us the way. I am hungry for the Lord and praying to see the manifestation of this prophecy.

Response from Treasure :

Thank you Man of God,

In the name of Jesus, Amen. It confirms many things that have occurred over the last few years, what we are experiencing now and what is to come.

Response from Mary :

Amen. I received those words...it shall come to pass.
My heart is Ready, I am Ready for changes..

Response from Prophet WESLEY :


Response from Sonja :

Amen. Praise the Lord for His amazing plan! Here I am Lord, use me as it pleases you.

Response from Vernon :

Im in for the beggining of a new thing...thank you Apostle. Im so stired!

Response from Bontle :

I have been feeling a great push in my spirit to go back into business. Because God is ready to transfer the wealth of the wicked to the church. Now Apostle Les what would be the difference between the Prophetic Entrepreneurship and Apostolic Entrepreneurship? Was told mine was Prophetic that is why it did not work because I tried to work it the worldly way..

Reply From Les Crause:

The Fivefold Business Calling can be carried out in any of the Fivefold Ministries. I am not sure who told you that you were a prophetic entrepreneur, and since I know little about you, it is difficult for me to advise. However if you wish to function as a prophetic entrepreneur you would have to first function in prophetic ministry. The addition of a business anointing can cause an extension of this function. For example the ministry prophet is given a golden key on qualification. The business prophet on the other hand is given a silver key. The prophetic entrepreneur is called to release businesses instead of ministries. It has nothing to do with how effective you are in business.

Response from Johnny David Rahul :


Response from Keaobaka :

Thank you Man of God

Response from Chester Tiro :

I thank you Apostle Les for this word I have seen the transition of the word.i believe it has also touched me in a way and I perceive the LORD is doing something in my life.I have currently lost three pastors and am like torn apart but one have been released making the number four because they came to me some of them saying God says they must go.I had no option but to say they may go.i feel this word and has touched me deeply.

Response from Chester Tiro :

I thank you Apostle Les for this word I have seen the transition of the word.i believe it has also touched me in a way and I perceive the LORD is doing something in my life.I have currently lost three pastors and am like torn apart but one have been released making the number four because they came to me some of them saying God says they must go.I had no option but to say they may go.i feel this word and has touched me deeply.

Response from Kathy :

Thank you. What you are saying from the Lord is active and living in my local body and beyond. I'm so glad to be a part of manifesting the Kingdom now!

Response from Morake Ricks Mooketsi :

Thank you so much Apostle Les.This is the moment have been waiting for. I am willing to be trained in order to stand for the body of Christ. I had a strong conviction in my spirit that this is the year of new beginnings. As I was reading my bible the Lord my attention to the book of Isaiah 43:18-19. Then a knew in my spirit a new is just about to be birthed . Thank you lord Jesus for the good news that we have received . I want to be part of this new move.Thank you so much sir.

Response from Morake Ricks Mooketsi :

Thank you so much Apostle Les.This is the moment I have been waiting for. I am willing to be trained in order to stand for the Body of Christ. I had a strong conviction in my spirit that this is the year of new beginnings. As I was reading my Bible the Lord brought my attention to the book of Isaiah 43:18-19. Then I perceived in my spirit that a new thing is just about to be birthed . Thank you lord Jesus for the good news that we have received . I want to be part of this new move.Thank you so much sir.

Response from Michele Riley :

I know this is a word from the Lord, so much confirmation I am ready to walk in all that the Lord has for us this New Year! Thank You Lord!!!!

Response from Cleo :

Thank you Man of God for such a revelation. Indeed we are looking forward to what the Lord has for us this year. We are soldiering on.

Response from Nelson Ashu :

Here we go for the earnest expectation being unveiled to the Church.We are indeed in the season of glorification of the Christ in His Body the church

Response from Elizabeth :

Im willing Lord take me Lord!!
Thank you man of God, May God continued blessing you!!

Response from Patricia Apwam :

Awesome word thank you man of God, we are ready for what the Lord has in store for us in this 2016. I'm willing and my heart is receptive. Amen Hallelujah

Response from Ntu :

Thank you so much Man of God, for allowing God to use you in this manner.
As I was meditating in His presence this week, God gave me the similar words that I need to shift and it is time for change.
Indeed it is time and I would like to be part and parcel of this move of God.

Response from Jerrell Smith :

The leaders of our local church has said the same thing. God is good, new leaders being released and for those that read the word, don't be in fear of the new. Thank you for the word, Thank Jesus more for releasing it and knowing that we are to move in God in a mighty way. I just prayed about that last night about moving as in the apostles of old and to know Jesus wants to do so much more. Prepare saints!

Response from Wiley Edwards :

Yes, this word is a fruitful word. The leaders have caused a drought of the word and spirit in the body of christ. Thank God for raising up new leaders that will take God's Bride to a New Level.

Response from daniel mulli :

let it be as you have spoken it glory to Jesus

Response from Yvonne :

Apostle truly The Lord is using you as your prophecy stated. Thank you for releasing that Word. The word is very encouraging and powerful. The prophecy spoke to me. I know I am on the right track now God Bless You!!!

Response from Edward :

This is conformation for it will be a strong church
we expecting our redeemer
it means God has place me at right place
the wanted to make things difficult with money

Response from Ms Jane :

This is a confirmation of the Prophetic word for my people says the Lord.Apostle you are a voice in the wilderness for the new generation.Remain Blessed.

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Word For 2016

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